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Factory Fog Lights

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I just got a 2013 Kia Forte SX, The only problem I have is that the factory fog lights only work with the low beam head lights. On all my other cars, the fog lights come on when I turn on the parking lights. Does anyone know how to rewire it them to work with the parking lights but still cut off when I activate the high beam head lights as it is illegal to run both high beams and fog lights at the same time in Virginia. Please Help.
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I was wondering the same thing except for my sorento.
I don't think the fogs are powerful enough to stand on there own, at least from my experience with two Kia's. Easy way to check, just cover up the headlights and see what kind of light you get our of the fogs before you go to all the trouble of changing anything.
Congrats on the new car. There is now way that I know of that the factory fogs/driving lights can be turned on independently w/o rewiring. I love the new fog design for the 13's, and I was wondering if I could swap my
12's out for the new ones?
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