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Before taking a drive on the highway I checked the tire wear on my KIA Rio 2012 1.4 CRDi with a colleague who knew what to look for and I had a nasty surprise. While the lateral and horizontal thread wear indicators were still good, the inside of the front tires is FUBAR.

This happened at 39.000 km. What can be the cause considering the following:

  • the wear is symmetrical: both front tires have the same pattern
  • these are the stock tires, never changed them until now
  • at 20.000 when I did the revision the tires were alright and the guy at the garage said they don't even need to be rotated (weird, as I know it has do be done more often)
  • tires were properly inflated at all times, I had no heavy load on the car, no towing
  • no symptoms of toe-in/negative camber except a low humming noise that is increased with speed and a clicking noise from the right wheel that happened only twice on the same tight roundabout
Do you think this is only caused by misalignment or is there a deeper cause as I find the damage extreme (the wires are visible on the passanger side). That and the clicking noise make me think there might be something wrong with the wheel assembly.

Any ideas? Thank you!
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