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I have the above vehicle, model 2002, and in spite of it being well taken care of, and with quite a low mileage, a few days ago the car broke down during driving.
It turned out that the wings of the ventilator that is supposed to cool the radiator broke, got scattered all over, caused damage to the radiator, and the head of the engine does not work.
It happened while I was driving the car. The air condition stopped cooling. It was sudden and I noticed it as it happened. At the same time the gas pedal did not react properly, so I looked at the heat indicator and noticed that it's hand was moving up. So I stopped the car at the side of the road. The moment I stopped the car, it stopped running, and couldn't restart.
I was told at the kia garage that they have never encountered such a damage before (that is, the wings of the radiator's ventilator brake this way), and that the mending might be very costly, since the head of the engine is damaged, the radiator, the radiator cooling ventilator, and hopefully not, but maybe: the engine itself also.
Needless to say, I am quite upset.
I do not think I should be exposed to such damage in a car having such mileage (2002 model).
I would appreciate a response, and some advice as to what can be done in order to have the kia manufacturer take some responsibility over what happened

naomi gal
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