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Hey There,

So - I purchased a Kia Soul in 2016 and bought the 7 year extended warranty (Kia Protect) that had a 'claim free' reward if not used in that time period. When I bought it I thought - great: If I don't use it I get my money back and if I sell the car early then i can sell it with the warranty for better re-sale. \

Fast forward to now. I am heading somewhere I need AWD and a 'beefier' vehicle and purchased an SUV from another retailer (Didn't love the Sportage). Anyway.. now I find out that the extended warranty disappears when the vehicle is traded in to the dealer - so no benefit for the value. I was thinking that I could claim the 'claim free' reward since obviously it will be claim free if the warranty is void, but it seems you have to prove that the car is still under your ownership at the time the warranty is up.

I'm not sure if I'm just here to complain or if someone knows anything about this and has any idea how to get my $2K back... so I'm just putting it out here.
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