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2006 Sportage 2.0 CRDI XE
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Hi Guys n Gals,
Just been looking at a mate's 2007 Sportage 2.0XE Automatic, the CEL was lit and I connected my scanner and it gave error code P0101. A quick google and this pointed us to either the MAF or a sticking EGR valve. We removed the MAF and cleaned it out, checked the wiring connector and put it back together, then cleared the fault code.

All seems well, and engine performing as expected. However, the CEL came back on but this time the error code is P0000.... googling this says that it could be that we are using a cheap scanner, or a scanner that is not specifically for the vehicle, so it doesn't understand the real error code!!

The scanner I have wasn't a cheap one, but it is a generic one and not specific to the Kia Sportage.

On one forum, someone had a similar issue with a 2015 Kia Rio and someone suggested that a software upgrade to the ECU might solve it?

Has anyone come across P0000 at all?

Thanks everyone for reading :)
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