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Hi all,
I have a 2005 (1999 to 2005 series) Carnival 2.5 litre V6 automatic. Done about 88,000 kilometres (about 55,000 miles).
Problem: Engine will not run. Engines turns over, fires once but fails to run.
Roadside Assistance (RACV) mechanic attended. There was fuel. He couldn't fix the problem. He suggested that the High Tension spark be checked. Then the Crank Angle Sensor is checked. The car was towed home.

About 1/2 hour earlier, when I took the kids to school, I noticed that the clock was not working. Subsequently found that fuse 16 had blown. Blew again when I replaced it. The fuse controls the clock, internal lights, power windows - not sure what else. One side of the fuse is supplying 12.4 Volts. It connects to the P/Win (power window) Relay - which supplies the 12.4 Volts. I figure that I have a short in the internal lights, doors, power windows ... Haven't located it yet. Wondering if these two problems are connected.

Can anyone tell me where I can locate the crank angle sensor (by the way, is the crank angle senor also called the crank position sensor or are they different?). And how can I test the sensor?

Thanks for your assistance.

Regards, Lou.
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