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About six months ago my friend flipped his rio and couldnt find parts for it so he gave it to me.after calling about 20 junkyards i found the parts for it.200 bucks later i had a fully functioning 2003 rio.about a week ago at 6 in the morning i was on my way to college when we hit black ice.long story short the back of the roof was peeled up by a guardrail.other than that the car was fine(but not street legal anymore) my brothe found a kia with a blown engine for 600 bucks and we proceeded to swap the engines out with my new 2002 rio.everything went well until we tried to start it now the engine will turn over but not start.according to the codes we think we might have plugged the wrong cords into the wrong ports.If anybody has a pic of the wiring harness for the fuel injection and which plugs go where please show me.

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I would strongly recommend to post this post in the right forum (apparently Rio forum).
To solve your problem go to and follow the link "owners".
Anyway, once you get to kiatechinfo you will find all what you need.
here is the link
Kia Global Information System (KGIS)

you need to register, its for free
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