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I broke the timing belt on my '02 Spectra, and this in turn destoyed all the valves. Pistons had small marks where the exhaust valves hit them, but looked to be in good shape. I found a used 1.8l DOHC with low miles, so I decided to swap the whole engine out.

It took about 14 hours total. The new motor was from an automatic, so I had to remove the flexplate and bolt on my flywheel. It was fairly painless and straightforward overall The only part that didn't happen per the manual was I couldn't get the driver's side axle out of the transaxle. The manual aid to pry it out, but it wouldn't budge, I ended up popping off the snap ring on the CV joint and taking it apart from there.

Anyway, I now have most of a complete motor available to anyone who needs parts. It really only the valves that are damaged so even the camshafts seem to be in good shape. I may keep a few parts as spares but otherwise this is going to the junk pile unless someone speaks up. The short block is still intact as a unit, I have head, valve cover, flexplate, even that cheesy plastic "tuned port" shroud.

I have no interest in shipping this anywhere, strictly a come-pick-up situation. I'm in Upton, MA email is [email protected]

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