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2012 Kia Sportage T-GDI
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Good news I think I've found my parasitic drain, bad news can't figure out what part I need to replace.
2012 sportage SX
Push button start
  • Car recognizes FoB and starts no problem
  • Upon stopping engine, radio remains on after door is opened and dash asks to put in Park and alternates to FoB not detected And back every few seconds. Even after waiting 1 hour.
  • I've tried cycling gears, moving car, disconnecting negative terminal. All result in the condition persisting.

So my guess is the car thinks it's on after it's turned off, resulting in the battery draining overnight.

I think these is a small computer under the center console, but can't find anything in the service manual referring to the electrical components there.

Any help, much appreciated.
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