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C'eed 1.6 Ecodynamics diesel 2010 registration
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Hi there. Have tried to post before but it never made it, so here goes again.

I have a 2010 Kia C'eed 1.6 Diesel Ecodynamics 89bhp model that is regularly dealer serviced and maintained. I have recently been noticing that at constant speeds of around 60-70mph the engine sometimes becomes increasingly noisy even when no extra load is being asked of it. it also seems to run a little rougher with maybe a little power loss. I have driven through it one one occasion and the engine returned to normal volume after about 1-2 miles.

There are no engine management or fault lights when this happens and it has been back to the dealership for a check and they see no fault codes registered. They took it for a test drive but I assume it was in an urban environment and I have never experienced this increase in engine noise whilst driving in speed restricted areas.

I thought it might be a blocked or faulty EGR valve but the dealership mechanics say that this would produce a fault code. When it happens I generally throttle off and the noise abates a bit. If I come to a stop and pull away again the engine returns to a normal engine note, well normal for a diesel anyway.

Also recently on cold starting i get a puff of unburnt diesel. I had the glow plugs replaced in March of this year so do not expect this to happen.

The noise is definitely not road or tyre related and the exhaust system appears to be gas tight so I am at a loss as to what is happening.

Any thoughts appreciated
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