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My car has the Engine Lite On for the last couple of months. The power of the Car is a little less. Whenever I stop on a light or a stop Sign, i really have to push hard on the Gas to move.

These are the below Codes I get when I checked at Autozone

P0422 Main Catalyst below Threshold bank 1
P0304 Cylinder 4 Mis fire Detected

However whenever I use the top line Gas and reset the Code, the code does not come back. The code comes back whenever I use the middle or the Lowest level Gas

Can somebody recommend what I should be doing

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thats weird that it only comes on with regular gas. Id say replace the plug wires. see what effect happens. That should rid you of the misfire. betting a plug wire is on verge of its end. The other code has to do with an oxygen sensor i believe.

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