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First Id like to say Hi. Im a new sporty owner Actually I just bought three although one is just for parts. I have become quite intrigued by the little beasties and have a couple of projects lined up. I am trying to compile a list of similarities and differences between the the first Gen years. I will be more than willing to create a spreadsheet of the info when I get it. Maybe it can be stickied for all to use when you have to make a trip to the pull-a-part.

Does anybody have a list of all the differences in the first Gen Sporties? Or maybe you have some expertise in a certain area engines, trannies, electronics and would like to share your knowledge.
For example what are the differences in the engines? I know the intakes were changed iat some time, what about the exhaust manifolds and cats, any differences?

Also does anybody know the differences in the transfer cases? Can a manual transmission transfer case be used on an automatic tranny and vice versa. What about the drive shafts? I know the 2 doors are obviously different than the four doors, and the rear drive shafts on the 2wd and 4wd 4 doors are different as well. The 2wd has a two piece drive shaft with a carrier bearing where the end of the transfer case would be, and the 4wd is a one piece rear shaft. Do the auto and stick 4wds have the same front and rear drive shafts?

Right now I have an engine I need to replace and need to find out what years have different stuff. In other words which years can I drop a complete engine in and what years do I need to strip it down. Also I need to replace a transfer case in an auto can I use one from a stick?

Can any of you guys help?
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