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I'm new on this forum. I've been watching it for a couple of days and I find it interesting, useful and friendly.
I drive a Sephia 2000 automatic that I bought six months ago. Now it has 67k km.
It ran nice and smoothly until this week, when it started to shake and loose power.
I replaced the plugs (NGK-platinum) and the engine is running much better, even than before. Its problem is at lights and stops: till I press the brake pedal, the engine is turning really badly, is shaking like no spark or gas, almost dies. I can see the rpm going down for moments. If I put the stick in P or N, no problem, the engine works normally, no shakes.
I changed the front braking pads the day before everything started.
The CEL has been ON for a while. From time to time it went off, but now it is still on. Just after 1 km that I replaced the plugs, The CEL was blinking for seconds and than it went still again.
At stops and lights it shakes badly.
Any suggestions?

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platinum plugs are most likely the culprit. a lot of ppl had problems using them in this motor.
or maybe the spark plug gap is a little off...
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