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I have a 2011 Kia Sorento LX, AWD... couple weeks ago, I left the key in the ignition, and battery on. When I came out of work, it had completely died. I called roadside assistance, and they came and connected a jumper box. The positive cable gave a spark, they connected their car using regular cables and now the car starts and runs, however, now
1. radio doesn't work at all.
2. interior lights only come on when battery is turned on by key in ignition.
3. Power Locks only work when battery is on with key in ignition.
4. Trunk only opens if car is started
5. car no longer dings when key is in ignition and driver's door is open.
6. car no longer dings if vehicle moves and driver has not put their seatbelt on yet.

that's all I have noticed thus far, I have replaced the multi fuse in the fuse box, as that was a suggestion on a website, which that didn't fix the issue, but the mechanic that helped pull it out, did say one of them was fried anyway, so not a total waste of money.
any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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I'll bet that spark that you witnessed was from "roadside assistance" was the guy connecting the jumpers backwards... you need to check ALL fuses (under the dash and under the hood)...I know in the older KIAs there is a fuse called the "ROOM" fuse and it is hidden under a colored piece of plastic in the cabin fuse panel and it can get overlooked... If no other fuses are blown then I would believe the BCM (body control module) may have been damaged... It controls a lot of the functions you described...Did you notice the problems when the car was originally jumped? and did you have the assistance driver make note of it at the time? They may be responsible for the damage...
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