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‘06 Spectra, 180k miles. First the list off issues:
1. Misfire on cylinder 1
2. O2 sensor reports high voltage for longer than a predetermined amount of time. (Paraphrasing).
3. Fast right turn signal
4. Transmission solenoid/transmission often stuck in 3rd gear. Aka limp home mode.
5. Chronic EVAP errors.

I think these problems are all electrical, and I have a wild fantasy that they all have a single root cause.

1. I have replaced the spark plugs and coil for my misfire problem. Wires are next. It’s running a lot smoother now, but the code has reappeared.
2. This just happened yesterday. I just had a similar error with my oil temp sensor. It’s connector was melted. The connector on the first O2 sensors looks good. I’ll have to jack up the car and check the second one.
3. All of the bulbs work. I had a problem before with the signal on the other side. It was resolved when I replaced my negative battery cable. I’ve disconnected and cleaned where the cable attaches to the chassis, but the problem persists.
4. This one started a month ago. If I turn the car off and leave it sit for an hour or two, the transmission will return to normal.
5. The Evap problems come and go, and have for a long time. I’ve replaced the entire system. I often get EVAP errors when it’s raining.

I’m thinkingit’s all related to abad ground.A friend suggested I buy a spool of wire and run a ground from the battery straight to each affected part. I’m starting to think that might not be so crazy.

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#1 could also be a dirty fuel injector
#2 find out which O2 sensor is being reported bad and replace it
#3 check inside the lamp sockets for corrosion, check for a pulsating +12v on one of the "buttons" inside the lamp socket if it is there look for a bad body ground on the radiator frame...
#4 see the sticky at the top of this Spectra forum with numerous error codes posted... There is a known problem with internal solder connections in the tranny
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