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This is my first time in changing a timing belt on a car. Are 2011 Kia Rios easy timing belts to change?
I don't want to pay $300 to have someone do it when I can save some coin and do it myself.

I am on a tight budget.


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I have replaced the timing belts on two 2008 Accents( same engine) and they are not that hard to do...
Basic metric tools and a couple of hydraulic floor jacks...and Time...
Some videos on the job are below...


If the belt breaks on this engine usually the 8 intake valves get bent and it requires a head tear down... The rest of the engine is usually OK...
New intake valves (8)...New head bolts...head gasket set...and lapping the new valves to the head...

Visit me in Massillon (2 hrs away) bring a GATES belt and I'll do it for $200 in about 4 hrs...
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