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Drivers Door Switches

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I’m driving a 2005 Sorento which is quite rare here in Bangkok and hopefully someone can confirm the following for me.

On the drivers door there are a group of about 10 switches, door & window locks, power window operation, electric mirror retract, mirror adjust, fuel door release etc.

Should ALL of these have internal back lighting? Only the 4 power window switches and fuel door release and rear window release switches light up.

The Kia agent states this is normal, but I find this hard to believe. It’s a real pain at night struggling to find the non lit switches.

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Same here & I agree - it is quite ludicrous as is the fact that there is no warning light to tell you that your front fog lights are on ! - I would have thought that illegal !
My 04 Sorento LX is the same way. Only the window up/down buttons light up.
However it's risky and absurd, yes, it's normal (also on mine 2.5CDi EX Luxe Auto 2005)
Originally posted by djkoloks@Feb 6 2005, 09:35 PM
I hear you. I have the same complaint.
samething in montreal
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