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Picanto Model G6S6K3615-2017
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I have a Picanto 2017. I noticed that the power window main switch on the driver´s door did not have the auto-up & auto-down feature, in the version of the picanto model I bought. So, I ordered a brand new OEM power window switch with the window auto up&down capability directly from the KIA factory in Korea. When the module arrived, I installed it in my car. But then, I noticed that the drivers window does not respond when I press the button. The other 3 windows (Front left, Rear Left and Rear right) roll up and down correctly. I double checked the module´s part number and I´m sure it is the right one, so I´m thinking maybe it has something to do with the wiring schematics or configuring the module so it can send the right signal.

Any ideas on how to make it work, anybody? Pls help.


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