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Downshift Protection on Automatic 2007 Spectra?

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I have an automatic 2007 Spectra with 3, 2, and L settings. Say I'm driving on the highway and slam my shifter from D down to L. Will the TCU attempt to downshift to L and blow up the engine, or will it refuse a shift that would redline? I haven't been able to find any documentation about this and of course I don't want to try it out.

(Don't want to discuss downshifting wear in this thread, just curious if my car has a self-destruct button.)
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Most electronic boxes would have in their logic something that prevents it. I also think if it did it would go to that gear once the speed dropped.

I had a 1992 mitsubishi with electronic transmission and I do recall slamming it from D + OD to 2 in an emergency brake on the hwy and went to 3 then 2. Speed was too high for a drop to 2nd directly.
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