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I have a 2013 Soul Exclaim and for the past couple of weeks now the driver door is the only one to unlock either with the fob, the button on the door or shifting from park to drive and vice versa. Is there something I am missing or did something go out, if you manually unlock the door and click the fob, push the button or switch from park to drive it will lock, just won't unlock. Any suggestions?

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Signed up just for this issue, We currently are having this issue. we have a 2013 soul with around 70k miles and only the driver side door will unlock. Key fob is not the issue. The car responds just fine, Its some secondary switch/command that is not working, The wierd thing is I can hear the doorlocks on all doors when I press the unlock which would typically mean the actuator. But how is it possible that the actuator in the LR RR RF and Hatch all went out at the exact same time.

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All your actuators did NOT go out together. You -- like many other owners who end up with multiple doors not locking/unlocking are having an issue with (1 of 3) relays. Kia (in it's infinite wisdom) built non-replaceable relays into their junction boxes (aka interior fuse boxes).

I just finished wiring-in "outboard" relays to regain proper unlock function. (While "in there", I bypassed all 3 lock relays to convert my daughter's Soul to fully replaceable lock/unlock relays because she's moving out-of-town). FYI....depending on your dealer, they may quote $600 to nearly $1500 to replace your junction box -- and restore proper lock/unlock function. The Junction Box cost $250ish at the time of this post. They can be found salvage for around $60.

My point is: It's ridiculously expensive to have a mechanic fix a failing relay problem in your Kia. I find this ironic from a "brand" trying to present itself in a Toyota-like-category of low-maintenance. This is a major failure of Kia's design team.

If you undertake a "bypass" solution, it's not any harder than adding aftermarket keyless entry to a non-keyless car. Also, you will need to leave the factory relay energizing wires CONNECTED to the BCM. Otherwise, windows (and possibly other items) won't work. Put another way....You must splice into these "trigger" wires. Do not cut them...unless you will reattach the two segments with your sliced-relay wire.

Before I go further....

If someone can confirm this forum and the KIA Soul forum aren't run by the same admins (and advertisers), I'll post complete wiring for this task. Otherwise, I won't post the complete solution -- in protest -- that the other "KIASOULFORUMS.COM" forum banned me for posting "dummy post" several times -- to get past the 10-post minimum for links/pics.

FYI: I also signed up JUST FOR THIS ISSUE. I don't even OWN the soul I'm working on. It's my 24-yr-old daughters!!!

When joining both forums, I HOPED to get a question or two confirmed with reasonable expediency. (THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!) In pursuit of my goal, my ONLY choice was to post "dummy posts" to activate links quickly. I did this in the KiaSoulForums (forum) hoping they had the highest number for Soul readers. That said...efforts to gain help on simple questions failed in both forums. I did not get ANY feedback during the course of an entire week!!!!

Like this forum, it appears posting is scarce...which means my efforts working with the Kia "forum communities" were fruitless. admins wouldn't even look at my goal...that I was posting a solution FOR THEIR READERS and don't own my own Kia. I can not express how disappointing I am in that forum and their admins! They KNEW my goals -- but still CHOSE to ban me despite having VERY GOOD REASONS for jumping past the 10-post minimum in the manner I did. As a result, that forum AND their readers -- lost out on a valuable money-saving option for fixing failing lock/unlock relays. THIS SHOULD NOT BE THE RESULT OF ANY FORUM'S RULES!!!!!

After all is said and done, I proved an outboard solution works!!!! At the very least, Kia forum readers need to know this. Otherwise, EXPENSIVE NON-WARRANTY REPAIR COSTS ARE POSSIBLE DUE TO THIS DESIGNER FAILING!!!! NOT HAVING REPLACEABLE RELAYS ISN'T JUST DUMB, IT'S LACKS CARING FOR KIA OWNERS!!!


My gut instinct is that "other" forum and this forum have common ownership. Similarities in gaining access are hard to ignore. This is a tough decision because I have to decide if I'm helping other Kia owners OR a forum trying to gain revenue from it's readership? In lieu of the later, I won't post a complete diagram UNLESS it's confirmed I'm not dealing with the same admins -- between these two forums! I will not post to help gain readership in a forum owned by "KIASOULFORUMS.COM".

FYI...other readers might consider linking this to appropriate "feedback" threads in this forum that ask: Why more people don't post on these forums? My experience (with Kia forums) present a great example of one of the issues!!!! This may even provide an example why many people are opting for FACEBOOK solutions where answers sometimes come more quickly. Personally, I like the forum (knowledgebase) approach MUCH better -- since prior solutions are MUCH easier to research in a forum!!! So you know...I've been on a Vette forum since 2003 and an Isuzu forum (whose readers went to FACEBOOK) in 2013. I MUCH prefer the forum approach to "community" and problem-solving!!!


FWIW, the relay bypass solution isn't THAT hard to figure out -- if you understand relays and successfully find a schematic on the net...or have a nice service tech (at your local dealer) who will print it out for you. That's the key though! You MUST identity the correct wires in two different harnesses of the junction box! Getting a schematic is very important! In my corvetteforum, many of us buy (bought) factory service manuals (FSM) for this very purpose. I recommend FSM's for any Kia (or car) enthusiast!

Like I said, I just finished this relay bypass project (on my daughter's 2012 Soul). After hours and hours joining forums and looking for schematics, the actual repair/conversion only took one afternoon and cost $13 for a 5-pack of Amazon "Bosch-style" relays. (I bought more than one relay so I could convert all 3 non-replaceable relays while doing the repair for her). So you know, there are 3 relays. One unlocks all doors EXCEPT the driver's door. One unlocks the driver's door. The third LOCKS all doors. Three relays are necessary for Kia models that have "2-turn" keyed/keyless entry.

So.....when MULTIPLE doors fail to lock or unlock, don't start suspecting problems with actuators. Suspect a failing junction box relay!!!! Then get MAD that Kia decided not to make these relays replaceable. You all those other replaceable relays in your underhood fuse/relay box!!!

I would add that you can/should suspect a relay problem IF your driver's door has problems unlocking with it's power door lock. The circuits for locking/unlocking the driver's door and the other doors (including hatch) are "connected" so the door switches and the gear selector trigger both relays (circuits) together. Hopefully, this last sentence makes sense. If not, consider they also work independently for the keyed 2-turn and/or keyless functionality. HOW that happens will become clear if you get to see a schematic.

FWIW, you can easily test for a failing relay. Remove the DS lower dash valance to gain access to the junction box. Remove the correct connector (designated "H" in the manual). Using 12V and a ground, directly energize the CORRECT pair of wires for the suspected lock/unlock circuit. In a 2012 Soul, applying voltage/ground to the pink and to the white wires (connector pins), is how I confirmed doors would still unlock -- if I spliced in a new relay. When you see a schematic, you will find all 3 relays "sit on ground" until their corresponding "energizer wire" triggers one of the relays. Upon activation, said relay comes off ground to send 12V to that particular power door lock function (circuit). In short, the actuators are grounded to the opposing relay (lock/unlock). They are not grounded outside the power lock/unlock circuit! This is why all relays rest "on ground" they can ground the (opposing) lock/unlock relay when energized.

Good luck Kia owners!
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