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I just installed a clarion deck on my wife's 00 sportage. When I was finished, and reinstalled the face panel with the hazard switch, fog switch, etc I realized that the digital clock did not turn on. I then realized that the dome light was off and that the power locks would not work, the door ajar light will not turn on either but the "ding" wil sound.

I checked the fuses under the steering wheel on the wall and in the engine compartment by the battery and they are all intact.

The door locks WILL work when the key is on the"on" position (ie car is on) but the dome light and the clock will not work.

Anyone have any idea what I could do?

Are there any other fuses or fusible links anywhere I am missing?

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the sportage I could have e-mailed?

thanks in advance for any help I could get.
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