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Hey Gang!

My 2004.5 U.S. Spectra's single din stereo/CD player is getting slightly flakey and I'm looking to see if anyone on here has one sitting in the basement, etc. after having an aftermarket unit put in.

The stereo has been great.... it will be 5 years old in August. The only thing wrong with it is that the volume knob adjusts the volume erratically, esp. when the unit is cold. This same knob is also used to adjust the bass/treble too when the 'Audio' button is pushed. The same problem then happens with those as well.

When the car is nice and warm, the problem usually diminishes to the point of non-existence. But.... as soon as things cool down, the flakiness starts back up.

I'd personally live with it, but I now have a teen driving the car part time for who this problem is not only annoying but an an EMBARASSMENT when her friends are in the car! Oh My! :cool:

So.... I figured I check on here to see if anyone had a unit laying around that they'd like to get rid of. Remember.... this is the single din (short height-wise) unit. I think Kia only put these in the current gen Spectra in 2004.5 and part of 2005.

I've already looked on Ebay, and there is one slightly used 2003 unit from a Rio that looks awful close to what I'm looking for. There is a slight difference with the seek/tune buttons, but other than that the radio is about the same. If the radio was completely dead I'd probably at least look into that as a possibility. But for now I just thought I'd look on here to see if an exact one exists somewhere.

Here's a picture of the Rio radio on Ebay. Again, everything is
just about the same as my Spectra's except for the Tune/Seek buttons.

My other option is to get a non-stock unit at a stereo shop for $150-200. That's a definite possiblity, but I've gotten used to the controls on the stock unit, and it performs quite acceptably sound-wise as far as I'm concerned.


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