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We bought our Carnival after shopping around for a large car for the 6 of us.
We travel alot and generally we are happy with the car, and the kids have lots of room.
Although i am very happy with the car it has had its problems.
I to have had the seals replaced on the doors for the "WHOOSING" sounds it was the air coming thru the seals. I've replaced the tyres ealier than expected and this month my right rear wheel cylinder was leaking and replaced but my question is does anyone have a constant pinging noise?
I have complained about this since i bought the car and the service dept can not find anything. It gets regularily serviced. I put my foot on the accelertor and it makes this noise. When you start the car it makes the noise. They changed the oil and still the service dept can not find anything wrong with it?
Just asking maybe someone out there has had the same problem and had it fixed?

T :unsure:

Just a short note cause no one is most probably listening..the noise after lots of months of waiting is the cam shafts......thought id add it just incase some one replies lol... T
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