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DIY - Vanity Mirror Light Replacement with LED

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Today I received some Festoon LED vanity lights from AUXITO. You can save 10% by using that link OR use coupon code: CTRINK for 15% off!

The lights come with 18 LEDs. I'd also like to report that there are no CANBUS error codes or flickering!
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There is only one type of bulb for the vanity lights on the 2021+ MQ4 Sorento as described in the owner’s manual for this light. Page 688 or Section 8 - 6.

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DIY Instructions:

Tools needed:

  • Pry tool (or small flathead screwdriver)
  • Electrical Tape

Time: 15 Minutes

  1. Trim tool into the button side of the fixture and watch through the crack you create to depress the retaining clip. There is a slight adhesion with the fixture and the headliner when you first start. The opposite side of the fixture is just a pivot point so do not try on that side.

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  2. Pull down on the button side to remove the fixture. BEFORE REMOVING THE BULB. You'll notice a copper bar running the length of the fixture near the bulb. I highly suggest taping this with electrical tape to prevent a short during install. It doesn't have to be pretty since we will remove it after the install. Remember, these LEDs are omnidirectional and you can insert them in either direction.

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    Here is the bulb size difference, the Sorento has the smallest festoons I've ever seen. Don't worry, the AUXITOs fit. I was able to bend one of the spring clips on the fixture to allow the festoons to fit. I have also asked Auxito if they have smaller festoons as these were pretty tight to make work. For reference: they are a 30mm festoon from Kia.

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  3. Reclip the fixture to the headliner. Repeat those steps on the opposite side and you're done!

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I can't for the life of me to get them to fit. I kept trying but it kept sliding out. Very frustrating. Not sure if im doing something wrong.
It’s very hard. Just took patience and some bending. I’ve never seen such small festoons from OEM. I bent the tab that has the push tab on it straight and then back towards the button.
C-Trink, appreciate all your thorough write ups for the DIY projects. I also could not fit the Auxito's LEDs and did not want to bend the contact points. While the Sorento OEM festoons are very small, it would've been good if you included the important step about bending in order to make this product fit.

Had I known some modification was required, I probably wouldn't have purchased the Auxito ones without doing more research first (there are smaller size LEDs by other companies that might fit without any modification).

Although this might not be a sponsored product, I'm assuming you're getting some sort of commission based on the "CTRINK" discount code you're promoting, which would be good to also disclose for full transparency with the members here.

Just sharing my experience with the Auxito bulbs.
Thanks for the feedback. BTW I've edited the post regarding bending the clips. What's tough is that the OEM festoons are 30mm (just measured) and I have asked Auxito if they can produce smaller festoons for the future. The other 30mm festoons I've found from other companies usually contain only 1-4 LEDs and the other one I tried was as dim as the OEM, but it was white.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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