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Noticing that everything, except for the license plate lights, was LED on the exterior of my SX, I decided to get that fixed quickly.

Originally; I read a post describing to just "wiggle" the fixture out. This is not quite the case.

The fixtures are in a butterfly-type retaining clip on each side and need to be depressed on one or the other to be removed. I ended up bending one of the retaining clips on the first removal but was able to bend it right back into the proper form. Once I saw how it was installed on the first, the second was a piece of cake with my trim tool. Once the fixture was out I noticed that the bulb removal was confusing. Maybe just me, but I tried to twist the beige clip that holds the bulb out and it was VERY tight. I then I started looking at the black and white clips thinking it somehow clipped out. It DOES twist in a proper fashion.

DIY: it doesn't matter which side you start on of each fixture, as long as you can connect to the clip and depress it.

Bulb size: 194
Autozone Silvanya 194 White LED Mini Bulb - Autozone states these DO NOT FIT, but they do and give no error codes.

Trim tool into either left or right side of the fixture and watch through the crack you create to depress the retaining clip. There is a slight adhesion with the fixture and the body when you first start.


These pics are for reference:


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