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DIY - Glove Box Light Replacement with LED

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I'll be using some 194 LED lights from AUXITO. You can save 10% by using that link OR use coupon code: CTRINK for 15% off!

The lights come with 14 LEDs. I'd also like to report that there are no CANBUS error codes or flickering!

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There is only one type of bulb for the glove box light on the 2021+ MQ4 Sorento as described in the owner’s manual for this light. Page 688 or Section 8 - 6.

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Here is the OEM halogen, the fixture is in a blueish tinted housing.

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DIY Instructions:

Tools needed:

  • Pry tool (or small flathead screwdriver)

Time: 5 Minutes

  1. Trim tool into the left side of the fixture. The opposite side of the fixture is just a pivot point so do not try on that side.

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  2. Pull down on the left side to remove the fixture. You will find a black plastic cover that is removed by pulling up on the cover directly above where the fixture is plugged in.

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  3. Remove and replace the bulb. Remember, they are omnidirectional so no matter which way you put them in, they work.

  4. Reclip the black plastic cover to the fixture.

  5. Reinstall the fixture into the glovebox.

    Automotive lighting Fixture Automotive design Automotive exterior Tints and shades


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I enjoy the simple mods that anyone can perform and have your vehicle looking a little bit cooler and shed some more light in the vehicle. I highly doubt that my Sportage even has a glovebox light.
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So, is it more light or just cooler light? (dual meaning on the "cooler")
Since it is LED, I imagine it will throw more light than the original incandescent bulb, along with having a cooler look.
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