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This is to be DIY for Avital 5303 Installation on Sedona (2002).
I recently got 2002 Sedona (I was given one - didn't pay for it) :p

It didn't come with a remote for lock/unlock. So I got a cheap Avital 5303.
If anyone is interested, I will report my progress here with pics.
The process should be the same for Gen1 Sedona (2002-2005)

This is going to be a basic install with addons.
(add-on) window roll-up module
(add-on) footwell lighting
(add-on) builtin USB charger - (No cigarette lighter charger, I hate those)
(add-on) sound proofing door

1 - Avital 5303
1 - window roll-up module
1 - USB charger
1 - LED strips

Have-nots (on order)
1 - USB extension cable (on-order)
2 - SPST/SPDT relay (on-order) (1 - starter kill, 1 - footwell lighting)

(Between holidays, cold weather, discovering I need more parts, I am not getting much done each passing day. :D)
So far, I am on prep stage and waiting for parts.

1. (Removed) Door panel, console box, lower dash panel

(Above acrynym) FPS - Frugal Perfectionist Series
In layman's term, I am cheap and not willing to invest tons, but I want as perfect as possible job within reason. (For this, my budget $100 max)
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