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So I had posted with this oil leak problem before. I washed the engine bay, narrowed it down to the distributor. My mech took it off and the shaft was OK, we changed the O-ring (had to wait for 2 days for the dealer to get it and drive 25 Miles each way to pick it up-argh Kia!) and set the timing. Now after another 200 miles I put my finger under the dist. and sure enough there is a touch of oil in there. So my options are try another O-ring ($2) vs. a new distributor.
Now the timing is set so I guess from now on I will mark it and do the rest myself.
Checked the dist. price, $700 @ the dealer (Anybody want to by a '97 for $650! :lol: )
Autozone and advanced auto have new for around $400 and rebuilt for $280.
On ebay there is a distributor king from Canada tha sells totally "new" for $270 + shipping.
Anybody has any thoughts on what to do?
By the way this leak eventually starts dripping on the radiator hose which I can't imagine to be very safe, esp. since I use the car for 80 Mile commute daily.
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