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Originally posted by towguy@Jan 22 2005, 02:09 AM
Hi Murphwiz
I found the tuning box on Ebay,click on Automotive,click on worldwide and type Kia Sorento in the box.This will bring up a list of items available.Look for Kia Sorento ASA Tuning.This sellers site is easy to use as it has an English version to click on.Fitting of the unit is easy but the price shown is for the box only,you need the dedicated harness for "Plug & play". the harness required is the Bosch type
One For my car,best to check though.Nevertheless in all this only cost around£100
and the fitting instructions were Emailed to me in English.
Hope this helps
Hi towguy,I have a tunit box fitted on my 2.5 auto but don't think it is set up right.Did fitting the asa box make a big difference? thanks tom
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