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Hi, just recently my 2003 Sorento Diesel has developed an error DTC code 0600 which from doing some homework is 'CAN Diagnosis-MALFUNCTION with a CC-Code C019 - Line: open circuit. Has anyone seen this or experienced this before? Symptoms appear to include very hard to start and when driving and pressing down on the accelerator, it will get to certain revs and stall, reving at a standstill did not make the car stall? I was able to reset the error code but it did not improve the driveabilty of the car as she stalled again when trying to increase the revs again when driving, this also seems to generate the error code as the engine light reappeared. If I take it easy she will run as long as I keep the revs down.

Did think fuel issues, fuel filter replaced and tank filter unit cleaned.

Thanks for reading this posting, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction as how to resolve this issue.
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