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Hello All,

I want to expand my car.
I bought an OEM navigation radio - used.

I have a problem. USB does't work.

I had a radio cd / mp3 with this large knob.
In new radio with Navi : FM radio works, CD / MP3 works, Navi works (I bought the antenna) but I have a problem with this USB.
The USB connection has a different cube. I connected in different combinations.
And I have an ipod read message when USB is attached. Next thing is not happening, it does not play music

When I choose USB again is reading the iPOD.

Maybe someone had such a problem?
Or will it help me how to connect the USB?

Kia is my eye in my head. I have already added the cruise control.
I want to add: heated mirrors, heated seats and reversing camera.

This is the only version with automatic air conditioning (cee'd 2010r.) - Optimum or Optimum+

Sorry for the mistakes and the syntax but i'm not strong with english.

Thanks for the help


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