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Dash Camera

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I'm looking into getting a Dash Camera for my Sportage and looking for recommendations (this might be as controversial as what oil should I use?). I know I want a two channel system (forward and rear view), with WiFi access from my IPhone. Expecting to pay $200 - $300 for a quality unit. Where I'm getting hung up:
1. Do I get a unit that straps onto the rear view mirror? However those units don't seem to act as a regular mirror and I'm not sure I want to look at a monitor as a rear view mirror while driving.
2. Windscreen mount camera? My concern here is partial blocking of forward field of view no matter how high and tight to the mirror mount I put the camera. Suction mount is definitely a no for me.

Alright camera geeks, what you got? why you like/no like? Let the games begin!...Oh, and thanks in advance.
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I use Blackvue cams.

They are on the 3rd Kia and have been working like a champ. I dont run the inward facing.

I still need to install the rear window cam on my new Sporty.
Front was a bitch with the OEM safety camera crap taking up a lot of real estate, but it is tolerable.
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