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Dash Camera

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I'm looking into getting a Dash Camera for my Sportage and looking for recommendations (this might be as controversial as what oil should I use?). I know I want a two channel system (forward and rear view), with WiFi access from my IPhone. Expecting to pay $200 - $300 for a quality unit. Where I'm getting hung up:
1. Do I get a unit that straps onto the rear view mirror? However those units don't seem to act as a regular mirror and I'm not sure I want to look at a monitor as a rear view mirror while driving.
2. Windscreen mount camera? My concern here is partial blocking of forward field of view no matter how high and tight to the mirror mount I put the camera. Suction mount is definitely a no for me.

Alright camera geeks, what you got? why you like/no like? Let the games begin!...Oh, and thanks in advance.
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It all depends on how good a driver you are. I was in an accident recently without a dash cam and the insurance company settled because I couldn't prove the other car went through a red light. I just put a dashcam in both of my cars. I tend to be a truthful type, so if the accident was my fault, I'll take responsibility. I absolutely hate people who lie or won't take responsibility for their actions... Why should any of us be afraid of the truth if we don't do anything wrong?
My take too. If it's really my fault, I'll rightfully take the hit. But I expect everyone else to do the same. I use a slightly cheaper Aukey camera than @you1232 posted. They seem pretty good quality.
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