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Cv joint replacement

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Hi everyone I am trying to replace cv joint in my sportage 1995 2.0 16v 4x4 FE motor but it is stucked is there any trick or special tool to remove it. Thanks.
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Usually on a professional shop lift, with appropriate sized pry-bar(s), in conjunction with a pair of "whale jaw" vise grips locked onto the inner CV axle housing to turn the inner axle shaft, apply force, and "persuade" the inner axle lock ring coming out by using a rubber mallet on the vice grips, while turning and prying. (Use wood cribbing as needed when prying, to prevent damage to the transmission casing.) Putting it in Neutral (safely lifted / blocked!) as needed, to turn the axle to apply force evenly, may help release the lock ring from the transmission.
Thank you GottaCruise I'll try next Monday
Good luck! They can be a bear to remove. * Before "mangling it beyond all recognition": if it's really really stuck in there - seek professional help (call around to a local shop or three / get a quote).
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