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Hi! I am new to the Forum and just wanted to share my horrible experience that I had at Northland KIA with the service department. I hope this never happens to you. The following is a letter I sent, hopefully to the appropriate people.

To Whom It May Concern:

I brought my 2012 KIA Soul to Northland KIA for its first service
appointment today, April 1st, 2013. I also purchased a hitch from your
parts department and had it installed by Northland KIA as well.

Inside the back of my vehicle, I left an unopened, completely intact,
sealed box that contained a $400 bike carrier. I told Sean McDermott
that the bike carrier was in my vehicle, because I was taking it to
Bow Cycle after my car service, to have it assembled and attached to
the hitch. I asked Sean specifically if I should take the bike carrier
with me or would it be safe to leave it in the back of my vehicle? He
said it would be fine to leave the bike carrier in the vehicle.

When I returned to pick up my vehicle, I looked in the back to find
that the box had been ripped and unsealed. I asked Sean, being
concerned and also angry, why had the box been unloaded and opened?
Who worked on my vehicle? He asked me if I was sure the box was
opened. I told him the plastic straps that sealed the box were no
longer there and the box had been ripped. He said that the parts
department may have needed to open the box to determine what size
hitch I needed and I should go to parts to ask them.

I went to the parts department and spoke to Danny. He said there was
no need for the parts department to have opened the box. I asked him
if we could find out who the person was who worked on my vehicle.
Danny picked up the phone to call service to find out who worked on my
car. When he got off the phone he told me that Sean said the person
who worked on my car thought he was to assemble the bike carrier and
attach it to the hitch. Which I found to be very strange, because it
was not on my work order. I voiced to Danny that I was concerned,
because the box had been opened and that parts maybe missing for the
bike carrier. Danny asked if I would like him to look over the box to
make sure nothing was missing. I said yes.

Danny and I went to my vehicle, inside the service station. Sean came
over to us and explained to me that the person who had worked on my
vehicle thought he was to assemble the bike carrier and attach it to
the hitch. Sean said when the mechanic asked him about the bike
carrier, he informed the mechanic that it was not to be done. I told
him that I didn't believe that, because if that was the case, he had
no reason to send me to the parts department to ask if they had opened
the box. My anger was escalating. He should have told me immediately
that the mechanic had questions about the bike carrier, instead of
sending me to parts to question them. I felt that this could have been
handled with first contact resolution. Sean should have been more
proactive and found out what happened himself, instead of sending me
off to the parts department. Sean then proceeded to yell, inches from
my face and pointing his finger at me, that he didn't appreciate me
calling him a liar and to let him finish what he was saying. Yelling
at me, that if anything was missing from the box, he would pay for it
himself. I yelled back at Sean, he better pay if anything is missing,
turned away from him and continued my conversation with Danny. Shane,
Danny and another customer had witnessed this incident. Danny
finished helping me look over the parts to the bike carrier. He said
nothing seemed to be missing. I thanked Danny for helping me.

I just wanted to pay and get out of there! I felt bullied and scared!
I had to swallow my feelings so I could pay and leave. Sean had gone
back to the customer he left at his counter. So, I had to wait some
more. I was still very flustered, so I got in my vehicle and called my
brother, to calm down. When I saw that Sean was free, I went to his
counter to pay. He now proceeded to speak to me in his nice, slow,
calm voice, how customer service was important to him and how he
wanted me to come back. I just agreed with him, so I could get out the
hell out of there and away from him! Upon printing my bill, he saw
that Shane had taken the labor charges off. I thought that was very
nice of Shane to do, even though I was not expecting that. However, I
was expecting an apology, which I did not get. When Shane returned to
the desk, I thanked him for removing the labor charges.

In no way, was it appropriate for Sean to treat me like that. No
matter what the misunderstanding was. I went to all 3 KIA dealerships,
before deciding to buy from Northland KIA. My decision to buy with
Northland KIA was based on the absolute, wonderful customer service
from Nivi Uppal. Now I have to deal with 5 years of service from Sean
McDermott, who bullied and scared me?! I found him to be very
condescending and fake, trying to convince me, after yelling at me,
that customer service is important to him and wanting me to have a
good experience, so to return. The only experience I have taken from
today, is someone working for Northland KIA, yelled, scared and
bullied me! I will always remember the image of Sean McDermott's face
being inches from mine, yelling and trying to intimidate me! And to
top this whole experience off, I had brought my vehicle into Northland
KIA in tip top shape and got it back with the vehicle making an awful
noise now. I will have my vehicle serviced at one of the other KIA
dealerships and I will share my experience with all my family, friends
and with anyone who will listen.

Thanks for your attention to this matter,


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Cliff notes: So they opened a box of yours in the trunk by mistake. You got mad, the service writer got mad, then they gave you a free hitch install. Who did you write the letter to?
Sure they should have not opened your box, and yes it was wrong for the writer to yell at all,but all and all, no harm, no foul and the did help you in the end by NOT charging you.
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