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Could use some input here from anyone else driving a Sedona ...!!!!

I use my cruise control a lot and usually leave the cruise control button depressed all the time. Sometimes while cruising along on "auto" it suddenly disengages .... I turn buttons on and of , pump the break pedal and it usually does not return, or only for a short time. Problem is... it doesn't always do it !!! I drove to the dealer while it wouldn't engage... they were too "busy" and couldn't look at it but made an appointment for next week. This really is a waste because sometimes when the car is restarted it will work fine.
I have noticed that when it will not engage, if I pull over stop the engine, reset all buttons to off, and restart the engine again, it will work without fail. Does anyone out there have this happen to their vans ??? I'm hoping that by leaving the cruise module in the "on" position I haven't somehow damaged the "control module unit" (next to the wiper fluid container).
I also had a bad brake pedal switch, which also controls the cruise "engage/disengage". When this happened, the cruise simply would not resume after you cancelled it out with the brake. A new switch corrected the problem.
How's about some feedback folks ??? My appointment is next week, and I'm betting the diagnostics won't show anything...!?!??
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