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I really like to get my Stinger in cruise control and have the braking feature watching the traffic in front of me. Sometimes it’s faster than I am at applying the brakes to avoid a potential collision. It slows me down nicely when traffic slows. A great feature for both safety and just less stressful driving.
WHY ISN’T IT AVAILABLE WHEN NOT IN CRUISE CONTROL. All the technology is there why is it only enabled when in cruise control, baffels me. It would be another great safety addition.
This does exist in other cars, like both Infiniti and Nissans have it. I have a 2017 Infiniti that has it and I really rely on it. They call it DCA. Boy do I miss it in my Stinger. Such great tech but this one great feature missing.
Anyone have any insight in why it’s not included and if KIA might include it later?

Stinger does have the forward emergency braking but this is certainly not a substitute for what I am describing above and by the way mine doesn’t seem to work well. I can’t get it to do anything as far as braking. I guess I have to crash to see if it works.
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