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2012 Kia Rio 1.4 UB Auto
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There's nothing/little about this for our Gen3's so here was my take on fixing by our 2012 1.4 auto UB, 60,000 miles. In ten years only major work was replacing front rotors.

Threw the above codes (or was it P0335?) after mysterious and intermittent bad running, nearly stalling in heavy traffic.

Determined that the likely culprit was the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS), which is magnetic and can become dirty over time, collecting rust. The Camshaft sensor also threw a code, consistent with the fact that the CKPS is more likely to be malfunctioning, throwing the timing of the entire engine out.

Prices for new CKPS vary greatly, but buying one retail would have cost USD$50 or more. On Ebay, after markets are as little as $10. So I decided to try cleaning the sensor. Removing and replacing looks fiddly. I hate fiddly

Firstly, it's VERY IMPORTANT to disconnect the negative post on the battery.

Locating the CKPS was the big issue for me. There were no videos of the 1.4l, all US models are 1.6l. While noisy and a little underpowered, the unit is serviceable around town. And the Rio is a very comfortabe ride.

Once located, I used a 10mm socket and small extension rod to remove the holding bolt, and after a little encouragement with a flat screwdriver the sensor came out. Sprayed it with contact cleaner and this happened

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The cleaner liquified the rust, and as the CKPS is magnetic, the rust collected all over the front of the sensor. Ok....

So a physical clean helped. Some very light sandpaper or steel wool gently removed the rust and a polish up with a microfibre cloth removed everything. Like new!!
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Ok, refitted the sensor, making sure the o-ring was in position, gently tightened the bolt, reconnected the battery, started her up and test drived. Like new!!

Also, added a premium fuel cleaner, cleaned other contacts. And finally, bought a cheap sensor online just in case.

Hope this helps.
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