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Kia Rio 2008 1.4L A/T
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Hello All,

This just started recently. When engine is cold it would start right up most of the time. No issues driving it even for long periods until it is turned off. Most of the time it wont start again. It would crank up fine and strong too.

Now there is something I noticed during the no start condition when engine is hot. I noticed that when I put the key to ON the MIL would not light up. I read somewhere that the MIL should light up when the key is ON (but not started yet). When i turn the key off then on again a couple of times sometimes I get lucky and the MIL would turn on then I would crank the engine and it would start right up. When engine is cold the MIL turns on (ON position, not started yet) and when turned to START engine will fire up immediately (MIL turns off when engine starts).

During the situation when MIL wont turn on (engine hot) I can verify there is NO SPARK when I crank the engine (attached spare spark plug to an ignition wire then grounded). I have verified air and fuel delivery is fine on that situation. ECT is also good.

There are no DTC when ECU was scanned.

Would a malfunctioning crankshaft/camshaft position sensor cause this? How do you test those sensors? Or is this an ECU issue caused by temperature from the engine bay (maybe solders in the board)?

Thanks for the help in advance!
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