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Hello Spectraians! :lol:

First of all, I am new to here so just to say hello to everyone. My name is Colin from Malaysia. I'm currently owning a Kia Sephia 1.5L Auto, which in Korea they called it as Kia Shuma. My Kia is always my all-time best companion car in my life :57: , it had been traveled with me over hundreds thousands kilometers, and it's still going! :beer: with trouble-free maintenance over 6 years! (with on-time servicing my Kia).

However, as passage of time began past, some of the part need to go and replace it.
So my car' auto box is the one going to reach its end of lifespan.:( So I come with the idea whether 1.8L manual can be slotted into 1.5L Auto without any welding, cutting and modding the engine mounting? :essen37:

Another point I would like to rise here, it's where could I find a used parts shop in Korea and familiar handling shipping matters? As I'm personally in Malaysia, so finding a reliable and experience with handing shippping used part shop is not easy.

Any website or infomation would be appreciated! :)

Thank You! :liebe011:
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