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2019 Kia Sportage. SX with AWD. 2.0L Direct Injected Turbocharged & Intercooled Gas.
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Nothing broken....Just a question....Thanks!

During a WOT maneuver, such as passing or entering a freeway, a compressor with a clutch will disengage, thus providing additional engine power for passing, etc.

When you go into WOT with a clutchless compressor does it shut off or dump pressurized coolant into the system, thus bypassing the normal refrigerant cycle to provide additional engine power?

If so, when you resume normal throttle position does the compressor re-engage or re-pressurize?

And if it re-engages, don't you get a shock load to the compressor?

Which is one of the reasons the clutch was taken out of the system in the first place?

And isn't that defeating the purpose or logic of design intent?
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