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I've heard so many stories about dealers (KIA and everyone else) causing damage during repairs. Paint scratces, scuffs etc. Trim damage, scratches gouges - you name it.

Every time it happens and they are confronted they always act innocent and disavow any knowledge or responsibilty. Why is that? Do they think we're all stupid? They'd have us believe that some sort of invisible 'damage fairy' wanders from dealership to dealership randomly causing damage rather then admit that they just plain screwed up.

Like so many others, I too need my clock replaced. I've decided that just before I drop my Sorento off - I'm going to snap some pictures of the dash from different angles as evidence in case there's another random 'damage fairy' visit. I may do the outside of the verhicle too just in case the 'damage fairy' gets ahold of a fork lift of something.
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