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I just cleared the corners on my 04 Optima. This is what you will need and how it is done. It is called the bake method.

What you will need:
1. 10mm socket
2. Flat head screwdriver
3. Philips screwdriver
4. An oven
5. Cookie Sheet
6. Utility knife
7. Silicone Caulking (Clear)
8. Patience

This is how it is done:
1. How to remove the headlight. There are two 10mm screws. One is above the headlight and the other one is between the headlight and the highbeam headlight. Unplug the two harnesses that hook into the headlight and it is ready to be removed the car.

2. Now that it is out of the car remove the parking light bulb along with the wiring harness that is hooked to it by twisting the bulb out and removing a philips head screw at the other end of the harness. After that remove the other two philips head screws out of the back of the headlight.

3. Now its time to bake the headlight to loosen the glue so that way you can pull the front and back of it apart. Remove the top rack in the oven. Place the headlight on a cookie sheet and place it in the oven. Put it in for 10 to 12 minutes (times may vary) at 150 degrees. Keep an eye on it every couple of minutes.

4. Once the headlight has been removed from the oven take a small flat head screwdriver and pry the front and back parts of the headlight apart. If you hear a cracking sound it is ok its just the glue breaking apart.

5. Once the front and back part of the light has been taken apart take the front part of the headlight and remove the two small screws in it and pull the insert out that is in there. Now that it is out pop the amber piece out. Thats what you have been working for!

6. Now it is time to put it back together. Take a utility knive and remove all of the glue on both the front and back part of the headlight. Now take the silicone caulking and run a bead of it on the black back part of the headlight where the front part meets it. Now put them together. Put all of the screws back in it. Wipe off any access caulking that may have squeezed out when putting them back together. Now let it all dry before putting the parking light back in it and putting it back on the car.



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