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Clearcoat issue on wheels

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Hi all,

Has anyone else had problems with the clearcoat coming off their rims?

I own a Kia Cerato GT with just over 40,000 kms on it and the clearcoat around the circumference of all four wheels is delaminating and flaking off. The extent of the flaking varies from wheel to wheel. There is one wheel that is deteriorating the most, one that is barely noticeable, and two that are somewhere in between.

I'd like to figure out what the likely cause of this issue is. Kia initially claimed that it was caused by acidic wheel cleaners or poor quality resprays, but I have only ever used a pH neutral and clearcoat safe cleaner and have never had my wheels repaired.

Kia then said the damage was caused by the tire shop since I had my tires changed in March. I initially thought Kia might be right, since it might have been caused by the demounting tool shops run around the edge of the rim. However, after emailing a handful of local wheel repairers, the common consensus was that this does not appear to be the result of workshop damage. According to them, there would be more scraping and gouging. Also, this flaking started out very minor and has gotten progressively worse over several months.

There is a sharp transition between the machined face and painted surface, which could be the reason the paint is separating from the same exact area around the circumference of each wheel. All other edges feel chamfered when I touch them, and some macro photographs show the chamfer.


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