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2012 Sportage LX FWD 2.4L MFI DOHC 144 CID 6-Speed Manual
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I own a 2012 Kia Sportage 6-speed manual with 85K miles.

The vehicle emits a soft chirping noise, similar to the sound of a cricket, when accelerating. The noise immediately stops when the clutch is depressed and returns when the clutch is released and the accelerator is depressed.

The sound does NOT appear at idle when parked. It also does not appear if the engine is revved while parked. The noise abruptly stops while driving when clutch is depressed, transmission in neutral, or at higher speeds and gears. It is only obvious when the engine is under load from 1st through 2nd gears, not higher.

There is no difficulty in changing gears or depressing the clutch. From that standpoint, the transmission seems to work as it should.

The most recent maintenance to the transmission was a change in transmission fluid in 2020. The clutch was also replaced in 2017.

I have not determined the cause of the noise. I cannot be sure the noise is not coming from the transmission. Likewise, I cannot rule out that it might be coming from the engine belt or one of the accessories it drives. The noise has become more obvious over time and that concerns me.

Is there any Kia Sportage owner in this forum that has experienced this issue? If so, what was the cause and fix?
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