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Hi all,

Got my first new car and after much research settled on a brand new 2019 Forte EX. Everything has been going well and so far I racked up approximately 2500 KM (1500 miles). I took it out in the rain today and had it parked in the garage for half an hour. When I started it up I got a message on the screen saying "Check headlight LED". I turned the car off and then back on to replicate the message but nothing ever showed up again and the lights look perfectly fine. Since then I have taken the car out for a drive and back to the garage and during multiple ignition on/offs have not seen the message.

Its pretty frustrating seeing this on a brand new car. The car of course has a 5 year/100,000 km warranty. Should I talk to the dealership about the message even though it has not shown up again? Or are such gremlins to be expected?

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