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KIA Sportage 2.0 CDRi XS Diesel Auto (2005)
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Hello all,

Vehicle: KIA Sportage CDRi XS Diesel Auto (2005)

My "Check Engine" light has recently come on - and occasionally goes off again for a few trips (usually, but not always, after a fuel refill).

I've pulled off the code - P1529 - and it appears this particular one shows up because the TCM requested for the MIL to be turned on.

I was told that the error would be recorded in the freeze-frame I pulled that too:

0x02 Freeze frame DTC P1529 -
0x04 Calculated load value 19.22 %
0x05 Engine coolant temperature 179.6 F
0x0B Intake manifold absolute pressure 14.36 PSI
0x0C Engine RPM 2560 RPM
0x0D Vehicle speed 62.76 MPH

Does any of that tell anyone what might have caused the MIL request?

Obviously, next step is the KIA dealership - but I thought I'd see if anyone else had any similar experience, or could see anything unusual about the above.

Many thanks for reading this far :)


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Hi Rob,

Looks like code P1529 is related to the vehicle output speed sensor on the automatic transmission, this link may help w/ additional info:

Troublecode P0715 And P1529 - : Hyundai Forum

If I remember correctly, there was also a transmission control module (TCM) firmware update for some models of the CDRi (diesel) Sportage, you may want to inquire about that w/ the dealer as well. (I do not know if the TCM update applies to your model/year Sportage).

Hope the info helps.
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