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Hey everyone, just joined so that I can keep up to date with my wifes 2001 Kia Rio. Actually, I joined because the check engine light came on for no apparent reason and wanted to see if there were any common causes. I'm guessing that since the pcm/ecm is >= OBDII there is no way to get the code from it without a scanner correct?

The nearest Kia dealership is about an hours drive away, and they are alway busy so I have no real way to get the code right now. I'm gonna try and disconnect the battery for a bit and see if that will clear the code...

This may be a stupid question, but do Kia's use an oil quality sensor to possibly say "change my freakin oil jerk"?

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kia dont have a sensor to tell you to change oil that is not why the check engine light is on..

To get the codes go to your nearest autozone or advanceauto and they will scan the car for free..
get the code post it here we can help then.

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