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I've had some sort of steering wheel vibrations since I got this car used. Its sitting at 170k miles now.

Everything I've replaced thus far:
Ball joints
Sway bar links
Inner and outer tie rods
Wheels and rims

I had got new tires and was told one of my wheels were bent and that's probably where the vibrations coming from. Sure. I bought new steel rims and had them put on. The vibration went from being so violent to where I could not do 70 mph and keep complete control of the car to now I can do 80 mph and have full control..

But... theres still vibration. It's no where near as bad and at first seemed like it was something I could live with. But I can't.. it seems like it's getting worse? It might just be me.. but I hate it.

Theres been a few days where the first time I drive the car, it seems real bad, but gets a little better as everything heats up. I only notice it once I'm doing about 60 mph and up.

I've heard wheel bearings could cause vibrations, but most cases there is some sort of noise involved. I don't have any noises coming from the car.

Could warped brake rotors cause vibration without using the brakes? The car sometimes vibrates when I'm depressing the brake pedal.

Any other thoughts of what it could be?
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