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I have a 2009 Sorento 3.3L 4WD V6, and its throwing the PCM/ECM engine code. I have looked into purchasing a new ECM for it from a wrecker, and was wondering how hard it is to change out, and if I need to go to the dealer to have the VIN changed? Do I have to change the ignition switch as well?

Any tips would be great. Thanks
The ECM is between the air filter housing and firewall on the passenger side. The problem you will encounter is the VIN is programmed to that particular module and cannot be changed. The ignition switch will not have to be changed.

Now, what engine code are you getting? Why are you looking to replace this out of your own pocket rather than having it warrantied? The ECM is covered by emissions warranty 8 years/80k miles, provided that you did not cause it to fail.
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